1) Group Classes are $10 ea. for a 55 minute class.

2) Line Dance Classes are $10 for a 55 min. class. This price includes the dance practice party.

3) Standard Dance Parties are $ 10 for Three hours.

4) For Information About Private Classes Call Chuck at (609) 356-2972.

5) Friday Night Dance Mix Parties are $10 ea. & includes a FREE dance class with paid admission to the Party.  The Free Dance Class is from 5:45PM to 6:30PM & the Dance is from 7:00PM to 10:00PM.

6) Saturday Night is our Country Dance Party with music that accomodates Line Dancers as well as Couples Pattern Dancers, including Country Two Step!  Cost is $10 for the evening, which also includes a FREE Line Dance Class with pad admission to the Dance.  The FREE Line Dance Class is from 6-7:00PM & the Dance is from 7-10:00PM.

7) All Dances include refreshments/snacks, as well as sodas & water.  Donations for refreshments are welcome but not required.  We do NOT serve alcoholic beverages, however, you are welcome to bring your own beer &/or wine.